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Slave-trading continues today, but with a world against it, not for it. Submitted by Mrs C Patten
Submitted by Mr Patten

challenges the right of equality concerning same sex marriage-Sabina
Human rights groups are unhappy about the governments plans of offshore processing. - Katie
Terrorist aim to beat charges through the use of human rights - Josh Pereira

AusAID funds the construction of a railway in Cambodia, but this causes people
to have to move houses and so they complain to the Australian Human Rights
Commission. - Submitted by Timothy Romero

SYDNEY, May 28 AAP - Australia's human rights record has received
a "mixed" review, despite being buoyed by the Rudd government's policy
changes on asylum seekers and an apology to indigenous people. - Jack C

UN condemns violation of human rights, calls for Assad to resign
The United Nations General Assembly harshly condemns the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime as it has violated various areas of human rights. - Paolo Lingat

The UN's High Commissioner for Refugees has provided a highly critical assessment of Labor's plan to send 600 asylum seekers to Manus Is. - Patrick Morgan

A Human Rights issue for Australian Women.
Talks about the issue relating to Abortion and the Human Rights that are included with it - Sarah Reid

Children as young as 11 being exposed to poisonous chemicals
in Bangladeshi tanneries - Madeleine Fong

Some of our anti-terrorism laws are well past their use-by
date- Sabina Fraser

Australia's treatment of refugees and aboriginal people has received scathing criticism in a report by human rights organisation Amnesty International