Unfair andUnconscionable Business Practices
Refer to thefiles on this Wiki called “Unfair and Unconscionable

BusinessPractices Module”

Conduct in business must be ethical and fair.
It is illegal to act unconscionably,taking advantage of the other party's weakness.
It is illegal to engage in:
  • Referral Selling;
  • Taking Money up Front;
  • Harassment or Coercion;
  • Pyramid Selling.
  • It is also illegal to provide goods orservices which have not been requested and demand payment.
Unconscionable Conduct carries seriousconsequences, but no fines. The other Unfair
Business Practices all carry criminal fines:
  • up to $220,000 for individuals ;
  • up to $1.1 million for companies.

Read the pdf carefully and make notes in your workbooks